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Sir Speedy

Juan Antonio Ortiz, better known as Sir Speedy, began his music career when he was just 15 years old and attended a secondary school of Guayama, Puerto Rico.

First joint projects of Sir Speedy

His first song "Somos las gárgolas del escuadrón", which Sir Speedy recorded within the production of "Gárgolas II", brought him national fame in all of Puerto Rico, prior to that he was only known in the south of the island.

Later he took part in other important productions, such as, for example, "Mundo Frío" by Lito y Polaco, DJ Blass with "Sandunguero vol. 1" and vol. 2, "Pina con The Company", "Fatal Fantasy" or "Los K-becillas" by OG Black y Master Joe.

Solo career of Sir Speedy

In 2003 Speedy decided to start his first solo project: "Dando Cocotazos". More than 50.000 copies of this album were sold in Puerto Rico alone.

His second album "Nueva Generación" was released in 2005.

His last album, " Mazokote", came out in 2006, whereby Speedy also distinguished himself as a producer of his own label Yo-Ko-Joe Records.

International success  

Speedy's single "Siéntelo" brought him international recognition. It was also produced as a remix in cooperation with Lumidee (a famous Puerto Rican musician from the USA), which turned out to be a great success in Europe selling more than 3.000.000 copies.

Music style of Sir Speedy

The songs of this reggaeton singer always represent a combination of such motives as respect, joy and love of women with a catching dance rhythm.

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Sir Speedy - Reggaeton-singers

Dando Cocotazos
2005 Nueva Generación
2006 Mazakote
Joint projects
1999 Gárgolas 2
2002 Mundo Frío - Lito y Polaco
2002 Fatal Fantasy - DJ Joe
2003 Pina... the Company: Los Mas Duros
2001 Sandunguero
2004 Sandunguero Vol. 2
2005 Sandunguero Hits
2005 Los K-becillas - OG Black y Master Joe