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Dancing Reggaeton : "Perreo"

Dancing Perreo

Reggaeton is usually associated with a very sensual dance style, called "Perreo", which mostly implies close body contact and provocatively erotic movements.


This way of dancing evoked indignation in conservative camps, while young people seem to be very enthusiastic about Perreo.

The name "Perreo" is referred to the way it is danced: a couple in the middle of the dance floor is surrounded by other dancers trying to seduce it. They are crowding it with lascivious and sensual movements, whereby dancers imitate dogs' sexual act.


Some consider this imitation of sexual activities vulgar. Many others, however, consider reggaeton a very bold and attractive dance style. There are also those, who even view it as a kind of sexual act on a dance floor with one's clothes on.

Although this dance is treated as a marginal style, it still goes down well with many young people. Its wickedness turns it into something forbidden, which seems to attract younger generations.

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