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Perreo: Physical Aesthetics and the right Outfit


Dancing Perreo

People dancing Perreo do not associate fashion with perfect bodies. Guys and mostly girls do not have a problem with being fat or skinny, what really counts is a trendy outfit.

That is why girls do not hesitate to wear tight pants and tops also when their hips are a little fat - "love handles" are desirable. Clothing should not conceal their bodies, but rather emphasize their curves in order to better radiate sensuality and to attract guys' attention.

Guys wear well known brands, or often just imitation with a big, flashy logo. Besides, loose, baggy shirts with the names of North American football and basketball clubs also belong to their outfit.

An essential part of their outfit is a pair of huge sneakers, caps, typical headpieces, sunglasses and backpacks. All of these details make their appearance authentic.

All of the above, excessively large clothes and attention they draw through that, makes them feel more self-confident.

When dancing Perreo intimacy becomes a public thing, a body no longer belongs to oneself but to the others. Closeness and contact are explicitly desirable.

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