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Clubs and Discotheques in Havana

Here are a few tips on where in Havana you can experience reggaeton at first hand.

* Discotheque "Kasalta"
Address: 5ta Avenida y 2 , Miramar, Playa.

* Night Club "El Polvorin"
Address: Castillo El Morro , Old Havana

Night Club "El Cafe Cantante"

The club is located under the Teatro Nacional de Cuba. Despite being located in the basement rooms with low ceilings, it is very popular. Minors under 18 are not allowed in the club, the same applies to those who are dressed casually or improperly (shorts, T-shirts or caps) or have a camera. Once a week, they play reggeaton only, playing one or two reggaeton live concerts.

Address: Calle Paseo y Ave Independencia 39, Vedado (close to Plaza de la Revolución).

Admission fee: 10 $

Opening hours: 21:00-5:00 Tuesday to Saturday

* Night Club "El Chévere"

The Chevere is one of the most famous discos in Havana, where one can meet tourists as well as locals under the open sky. Club with a special "Barra abierta" offer, which means: pay once and drink as much you want. Various music styles, however, mostly reggeaton.

Address: Parque Almendares, Vedado.

Admission fee: 6-10 $

Opening hours: from 22:00

* Discotheque 70´s CAFE

First floor of Deauville Hotel, entrance through the lobby.

Address: Avenida de Italia y Maleon, Havana Center

Admission fee: 5 $ per couple


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