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Perreo: Body Language and Movement


 Perreo Movement

Perreo, which is danced mostly by the young people- coming from socially weak classes, represents probably one of the most energetic and expressive forms of dancing.

The room is filled with erotic of the body language of young people when they are dancing perreo; they simulate sexual activities explicitly through according gestures and movements.

Rivalry stands at the center of the dance, one cannot deal with it alone, but only with partners or rivals. That is why it is common for two men to dance with one woman, one being behind her and the other one in front of her, whereby at the end she can pick one of them, the one that really makes her sweat.

This dance does not know any taboos, removing physical restraint and shyness that are otherwise present in controlled, prudish dance forms of rather distanced dance style usually typical of the better off social classes.

When dancing perreo one is constantly looking for body and skin contact with a dance partner, turning it into a "ritual of physical closeness". Constant rubbing against each other passes on strength, warmth and energy, thus defending young bodies against constraints and restrictions and letting out their desire for freedom.

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Small circle. A group of friends always hanging together. Gang, clique or crew, very common in the reggaeton scene.