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Prejudices against Perreo


Prejudices against  Reggaeton

Many consider perreo an obscene dance, immoral and vulgar when it comes to its lyrics and erotic movements.

Besides, perreo is often denied in a society mainly because, at the beginning, it was mostly danced by young people coming from poor social classes, who could strongly identify themselves with the lyrics. Meanwhile, this dance has become popular among all social classes, the rich and the poor.


Yet others criticize perreo and reggaeton for their often sexist lyrics. Further topics are sex, drugs, alcohol and money. This means that the lyrics instigate to hatred and infidelity, but, on the other hand, they oppose racism and injustice. Not least many lyrics are society-critical and are about love.

At the beginning, perreo was viewed very controversially and many even called this dance "El baile maldito", "The cursed dance" in English. It was and is still strongly criticized by the Church.

A member of parliament in Peru even threatened to submit a law, prohibiting this dance, because, according to him, perreo "encouraged promiscuity". This debate went so far, that Peruvian cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani even appealed to parents, police and mayors to protect the young people, that in his eyes were acting promiscuous, and to refuse minors admittance to discos.

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Small circle. A group of friends always hanging together. Gang, clique or crew, very common in the reggaeton scene.