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Origin of Perreo

Origin of  Perreo

Perreo dance has its origins in Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Its popularity, however, spread pretty fast to such neighboring countries as Cuba, Panama, Ecuador or Columbia and, in the meantime, reached the most Spanish-speaking countries, including Spain.

The name of this dance is an allusion to dogs' sexual act ("Perro" = Spanish "dog"). Perreo is a typical way of dancing to reggaeton, a music direction, which combines elements of reggae and rap, but the rhythm is much faster than in both of those music styles.

Although, at first glance, this dance may look a bit funny and does not seem to have a potential of a new dance trend, it is getting truly popular all over the world. The dance is, however, not called Perreo in all of the countries, there exist other names for it, such as "Sanduche" in Ecuador and Columbia or "Sandungueo"in Puerto Rico.

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Small circle. A group of friends always hanging together. Gang, clique or crew, very common in the reggaeton scene.