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Variation of dancehall reggae that uses digital musical elements.


A floozy, a girl that is easy to get.

Rankiao, Rankea'o(a)

From English "rank" (Rang), to be very high up in the hierarchy, to have a good reputation, to be a leader, to be respected in the reggaeton scene.


Music style from the Hip Hop culture . Consists of two parts: an MC, rapper or singer, and DJ or disc jockey.

Both of these elements combined with Breakdance (a dance form) and Graffiti (spray-art) form the four cornerstones of Hip Hop.


Rasta-like, from reggae scene


Fight or discussion.


Music style of Jamaican origin.

The term reggae comprises a well-diversified array of Jamaican music styles, for example, Ska, Rocksteady, Dub, Dancehall and Reggae. Sometimes this term, however, stands for one certain musical direction, which emerged in the mid 60's and is called "Roots Reggae".


To make fun of somebody, to pull one's leg, to talk bullshit.


Literally: to slip, here: to be bold (Don Omar in - Dale Don Dale "pa activar los anormales y al que se resbale...boster dale!").


Actually: to snore, in rapper-jargon: someone that "snores", ronca, is someone who thinks that he or she is better than he or she actually is. Also: to talk bad about someone (Don Omar in - Ronka "Rooonka, eliel ronkaa").


Someone, who is the best at "ruñidera" , someone who is the best at asserting oneself in the musical field (Tego Calderon in - Punto Y Aparte lo menciona "dime como te gusta, perderán como quiera, soy el mejor en la ruñidera").

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