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To get into top gear, someone driving very fast. A man that comes straight to the point and gets pushy with a woman.

According to singer Celia Cruz, salsa is another word for Cuban music. The word for Mambo, Chachacha, Son... for all of the Cuban music styles together. To be more precise, salsa originated in New York in the 60's, created by musicians from poor Latino neighborhoods. Having reached large audience outside the Latino culture, the name salsa turned into an umbrella term for Latin American music, from Bogaloo to Mambo over Son all the way to Latin House. The Cubans struggled a long time against this conception, but in the meantime they have accepted it.


The name for Perreo in Puerto Rico.


Someone who dances Sandungueo, that is Perreo or Reggaeton.


A word for something that was good, went well, or was a success. When one says: it was "saoco", he may refer to musical success, good sex or tasty food  (Wisin feat. Daddy Yankee - Saoco).


Cute, pretty. To flirt, coquet (Bori in - Gata Sata: "gata sata tu eres la que me provoca...").

Sicario oder Gatillero

Hitman, gangster, someone ice-cold, hard-bitten.

Sin Cojones Me Tiene

I don't give a damn (Don Omar in - Dale Don).


Opponent, enemy, but also the best friend or buddy.

Sopla pote

Idiot, asshole (vulgar) (Tego Calderon in - Guasa Guasa: "sopla pote es el dueño del masacote").

Sopla pote es el dueño del masacote

Cocksucker (Tego Calderon en el tema - Guasa Guasa: 'sopla pote es el dueño del masacote").

Suelto(a) como gabete

To be game for anything, easy to get (Don Omar - Dale Don Dale "dale papi que estoy suelta como gabete").




Small circle. A group of friends always hanging together. Gang, clique or crew, very common in the reggaeton scene.

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