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Daddy Yankee

Coming from Puerto Rico, Daddy Yankee is also known as the "King of Improvisation" and he managed to hold this title for 5 successive years as a winner of the "Street Jam Reggae Awards". He is truly the most changeable rap and reggae artist of Puerto Rico. He is also called "30-30" because of his lyrics that mostly describe everyday life on the streets of his country. Besides, he also distinguishes himself as a music producer.

Daddy Yankee, whose real name is Raymond Ayala, was born on the 3rd of February 1977 in Río Piedras (Puerto Rico).

Latino rap und reggaeton singers

Despite being actually a reggaeton singer, Daddy Yankee has also produced other kinds of music, such Latino rhythms as merengue and salsa. Nevertheless, he achieved his greatest and international successes with Latino rap und reggaeton.

Daddy Yankee recorded in English as well as in Spanish, although the latter was, of course, the dominating language in his music.

First music debuts of Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee was just 13 years old when he began working in the reggaeton scene, but he made his first public appearance only in the 90's with DJ Playero.

One of his first successes was the song "Posición", which appeared on the soundtrack to the "One Tough Cop" movie.

Daddy Yankee, "El Cangri"

The albums "El Cartel" and "El Cartel II" had came out before Daddy Yankee took the name "El Cangri" (it is a Puerto Rican term used in everyday language to describe someone who is especially attractive, strong, respected, someone who has personality and charisma). In 2002, using his new name, he released an album with a song "El Gran Robo", which he composed together with Lito.

"La Gasolina": The greatest success of Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee achieved his greatest success with the song " La Gasolina" from the "Barrio Fino" album. Over 1.000.000 copies were sold in Puerto Rico alone. But his other songs, such as "Lo que pasó pasó" or " Tu Príncipe" were also very popular in America and in Europe.


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Daddy Yankee - Reggaeton-singers

No Mercy


El Cartel
El Ca rtel II




Los Homerun-Es Vol.1
Barrio Fino
Ahora Le Toca al Cangri Live! (con DJ Nelson)
Los Homerun-Es Vol. 1 (Re-Edición)
Barrio Fino En-Directo


2004 "Gasolina"
2004 "Lo Que Pasó Pasó"
2005 "Like you"
2005 "Rompe" Barrio Fino en Directo
2005 "Machucando" Barrio Fino en Directo
2005 "El Truco" Barrio Fino en Directo

Joint projects

1998 The Dynasty - Grupo Mania
2003 Más Flow - Luny Tunes
2003 Blin Blin Vol.1
2003 DJ Nelson presenta Luny Tunes & Noriega
2004 La Trayectoria - Luny Tunes
2004 The Best Reggeton Beats