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Lito y Polaco

These reggaeton singers were among the pioneers of the underground movement. Their lyrics and their style are a reason for their relatively short but high-quality discography, despite the fact that they have been working together for more than a decade.

Polaco's music debuts

It all began when "El Polaco" from Isabela, Puerto Rico, whose real name is Rafael Omar Polaco Molina, met Lito and decided to form a duet with him. His connection to underground developed, however, after he had formed a duet with Prieto Valdez, which did not last long, because boxing seemed to be more important to him than music.

Polaco started in Hip-Hop field and worked together with DJ Negro and DJ Eric on the production of "Noise The Original Underground", just like MC Ceja and Falo did. He also appeared in "Noise" Volumes 1, 3 and 4 until he decided to leave "The Noise" corillo due to some problems with several members like Bebe, Falo and Baby Rasta & Gringo, who made fun of his looks and weight.

In 1994 he signed a contract with Eric Montero (DJ Eric) becoming a member of "La Industria" corillo and worked on his Volume 3. There he sang in duet with Mc Ceja and developed a close friendship with him. It provoked a war against corillo of "The Noise" and DJ Negro. This dispute is also voiced in some of the songs of Lito y Polaco.

Polaco meeting Lito

In 1995 Polaco met Rafael Sierra, who called himself Lito: a B-Boy, who was known in Villa Palmeras neighborhood since mid 80's for his enthusiasm for rap and his dealer activities. Lito and Polaco formed a duet and recorded a song together for “La industria” album.

Later Mc Ceja also joined this duet. They produced an album "Los Tres Mosqueteros" as Trio Mc's.

In 1998 Lito y Polaco recorded a song for "Time to Kill" with DJ Frank as well as with Dicki for "No Fear 3". Furthermore, they were involved in one of Eric's productions, however, first problems occurred that year. Ceja did not want to support the duet anymore and was interested in making his own record.

Own productions of Lito y Polaco

That is why in December 1999 their friendship with La Industria and DJ Eric was shattered and they signed a contract with Pina Music. They produced their first record there with a song "Masacre de Mc´s", which pilloried the whole Hip-Hop market of Puerto Rico, but mostly La Industria, Eric and Mc Ceja.

In December 2001 came “Mundo frío”, their second production, which already exhibited strong reggaeton tendencies. In 2005 came their last record “Fuera de serie”.

Polaco as conflict-laden personality

Polaco was always a difficult part of the duet, constantly looking for trouble and eventually finding it. Not only due to his bad relations with other musicians (right now everybody is talking about his fight with Tego Calderón), but also due to his connection to drugs and diverse arrests related to it.

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Lito y Polaco - Reggaeton-singers

Masacre de Mc´s
Mundo Frío
2003 Fuera de serie
2005 Fuera de serie Live

Joint projects

Noise The Original Underground- Dj Noise
“The Noise" Vol. 1,3,4, - Dj Noise
La Industria - Dj Eric
Time to Kill - Dj Frank
No Fear 3 - Dicki