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Baby Rasta y Gringo

The real names of Baby Rasta and Gringo are Wilmer and Samuel. They used to be part of the "Eazy Boyz" duet and DJ Herbert's corillo when he recorded their music at his place.

Baby Rasta y Gringo's success in "The Noise"

They got into the discotheque "The noise", run by DJ Negro, already under the name of Baby Rasta y Gringo. They took part in a contest and as a reward they got a chance to participate in a production with the disco's name. From then on, they continued to work with DJ Negro on his further projects, with the only exception of "The Noise 4".

They were immediately discovered as a new generation of Spanish Rap that replaced the old one. Their texts were about their corillo Carolina, which later caused a war between Polako and his corillo Isabela. In addition, they produced a couple of romantic love songs; the ones especially worth mentioning are "Cierra los ojos" and "Necesito".

Baby Rasta y Gringo: enmities

During their career they have developed a hostile relationship with DJ Eric, who was a DJ of Polaco, Lito and Mc Ceja who they did not really get along with. However, the connection between Polaco & Lito and Eric did not hold, which made it possible for Baby Rasta & Gringo to take part in the production of "La Industria 6" and later in "Romances del Ruido".

After a while, Baby Rasta even recorded a song "Se lamentarán" together with Mc Ceja, which appeared in Mc Ceja's third production ("Boricua´s State of Mind").

Music career

Their reputation seemed to be a little damaged due to the fact that they did not really make any progress compared to the other performers of this style. They were criticized for being too one-sided, since they merely followed the Perreo direction in their music Nevertheless, their album "Sentenciados" released in 2004, was a great success.

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2000 Romances del Ruido “Llegar a tí”
2003 Romances del Ruido, Vol. 2 “Rompiendo Corazones”
2003 Fire live
2004 Sentenciados
2004 Sentenciados: Platinum Edición CD
2004 Sentenciados (Edición Especial)
2005 Romances Del Ruido Collection
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