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MC Ceja

Alberto Mendoza, known under the name of Mc Ceja, is one of the MC's, belonging to the "new school" movement, which flourished in 1989-1990. He comes from Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

Composition talent from childhood

Ever since he was a kid, he devoted himself to writing songs that he addressed to his teachers and classmates. He was getting more and more popular in the western part of the country, and eventually gained national recognition with his song "Colores"

In the course of his career he met DJ Eric and made a few records with him. Thanks to him, Mc Ceja also got to know Lito y Polaco and they formed "Los tres Mosqueteros" Trio.

This arrangement caused a war against DJ Negro and his corillo (Baby Rasta & Gringo, Bebe, Falo, Duke, Nieto, Face, etc.).

First production of " Los Tres Mosqueteros"

In the middle of 1997 he recorded his album "Luz Solar". His second production with Los Tres Mosqueteros named "Todo ha Cambiado" was released in 1998. He also worked together with various DJ's.

Break-up of "Los Tres Mosqueteros"

At the beginning of 1999 Los Tres Mosqueteros decided to continue their work separately. A little later Lito y Polaco abandoned DJ Eric, which initiated a war between those four. Thanks to his talent, MC Ceja was able to pursue his career alone.

MC Ceja's music style

MC Ceja writes bewildering and fascinating lyrics and produces high-quality music. His imprisonment (because of marihuana possession) in the spring of 1999 has also had an impact on the content of his songs.

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1997 Luz Solar
1998 Todo ha Cambiado
2001 Boricua´s State of Mind