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Falo, whose real name is Rafael Cuevas Laguna, was born in 1976.

Falo's music debuts

His inclination to music became obvious already in his school years. Due to his hyperactivity his parents decided to send him to Antilles Military Academy. He had music classes there and decided to learn how to play trumpet.

Because of his musical talent Falo's music teachers advised him to make a career in music. That is why he enrolled in a music school, Escuela de Música de los Hispanos, where he majored in piano and keyboard.

Being a big aesthetics fan of his genre, rap and reggae, he established tailoring and design courses and introduced his art to his community. At the same time, he entertained his customers with his own music and his fascinating performances.

Collaboration with Prime Underground

As a result, he managed to get into the "Underground" movement and gained respect in various Discotheques. During one of his performances he drew attention of one of the representatives of Prime top management, who immediately noticed his brilliancy, creativity and his talent. He signed a contract and became a member of the band Prime Underground.

In Prime Underground Falo produced songs in his former style, including "P'al cruse", "Colecta" and "Atención" that turned out to be a huge success.

Falo, "El Líder"

This progress in his career along with his charisma and his positive attitude on stage brought Falo a nickname "El Líder" (the leader), and turned him into a striking leading figure of Spanish reggae and rap.

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