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Te Rankiaste

You have surpassed yourself, you were really good.

Te Envolviste

Literally: you have wrapped yourself, here: you were wrong, mistaken.


To fall in love. Under men - also to fight (Don Omar - Dale Don Dale "que se tiren que estoy suelta como gabete").


Fight on a musical level, verbal, musical attack. There is often an argument of this kind between various "corillos", also gangs, in the reggaeton scene.


The name of a toy producer. Something strong (Don Omar - Ronka "Rooonka, dale con el tonkaaa")


Money, dough. Héctor El Bambino, when he sings "El De La Torta" he means with money.

Tra Tra Tra

Mark the rhythm. Also fast movements of female bottom against man's belly to the rhythm of the music.


Trick, pitfall, fraud (Voltio - Mambo "el voltaje no es un trambo")


Something very simple. To do something easily, without worrying about a possible failure.

Tripear, Tripeo

From English "tripping", to joke, to kid.


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