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Héctor y Tito

Héctor y Tito, also known as Los Bambinos, come originally from Parque Ecuestre in Carolina. Héctor "El Bambino", meanwhile also known as "El father" , was born in 1979. His real name is Héctor Delgado Román. Tito "El Bambino" , whose real name is Efraín Fines Nervárez , was born in 1981.

They formed Los Bambinos duet in 1997, after already having some experience of working with other singers. They made multiple records together, that had a great success in Latin America.

Nevertheless, in 2004 Héctor y Tito decided to go their own, separate ways and to work as independent musicians.

They used to work together with such artists as Baby Rasta y Gringo and DJ´s like DJ Goldy, DJ Nelson, Dicki, Negro, Joe, Playero, Blass, Looney Tunes, Noriega or Eliel.

Héctor El Bambino

Héctor el Bambino, "El Father" has already produced two records alone. He had great success with such songs as "Dejale caer to'él peso", "Voy subiendo" or "Noches de travesura".

Before becoming a member of Héctor y Tito Los Bambinos duet, Héctor Delgado used to be in Parque Ecuestre band together with Rey and Voltio ( from Karel y Voltio).

Héctor is not only a singer, he is also a produce of Tito y Héctor, Don Omar y Daddy Yankee and others. He is also a co-partner of "VI Music" record label, that is the reason why his recent productions were released there.

Tito El Bambino

Tito began making music in 1995. The same year he got an opportunity to take part in The Noise Vol. 5, because he was already in contact with Poit Breakers.

His first album " Top of the line" was released in 2006.

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Hector y Tito - Reggaeton-singers

  Héctor y Tito
1998 Violencia Musical
2002 A la reconquista
2003 La historia - Live
  Héctor El Bambino
2004 Héctor El Bambino presenta Los anormales
2005 Héctor El Bambino & Naldo presentan Sangre nueva
2006 Los rompe discotekas
  Tito El Bambino
2006 Top of the line