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A kind of Jamaican Reggae.

De Cora



Dance with sensual movements (Lorna in - Papi Chulo).


Actually "bullshit", here: pleasure.


 Reggaeton ABC Disc Jockey

Disc Jockey

Mostly called just DJ, Spanish spellings also: deejay, diyei or pinchadiscos. Those who mix music, just as important as singers in the reggaeton scene.

Disco de Oro

Gold record. An award artists receive upon having sold a certain number of records. This number varies from one country to another. In Germany it is awarded when 250.000 singles are sold. In Argentina, however, when just 20.000 copies are sold.

Disco de Platino

Platinum record. It is awarded in Germany when 500.000 singles are sold. In Argentina at least 40.000 LPs or CDs have to be sold.

Disco de Diamante

Diamond record. This award is not certified in Germany. In larger music markets, like in the USA, world's largest music market, it is awarded when 10 million records have been sold.


From English "Dunk", dunk in basketball. (Don Omar - Donqueo).


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Dancing Reggaeton

How does one dance to Reggaeton?


Tiraera :fight on a musical level, verbal, musical attack.There is often an argument of this kind between various "corillos", also gangs, in the the reggaeton scene.

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