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Reggaeton-ABC · A


An insect, a kind of ant, whose bite is much more painful than that of an ordinary ant.

A Fuego, A Fueguillo

Literally "fire like", is used to describe something that is super, brilliant or cool.


Actually singing without background music; another meaning is, however, sexual intercourse without a condom.


Someone who is chic and all spruced up, dressed very trendy and stylish. Synonym for "Filoteao".


Literally "to settle down", to snuggle up to somebody, body to body.

Aka (A.K.)

Name of a firearm, a rifle (English AK 47).

Al Callao

Exclamation at a concert to entertain the audience and to heat up the atmosphere.

Al Garete

To do something totally uncontrollable. A situation out of control. (Cf. the title of Daddy Yankees song - Al Garete).


Someone who is being used (Don Omar uses this expression in his song - Intocable).


Another name for "corillo", the gang of Nicky Jam, consisting of Don Omar or Daddy Yankee and others.

A Otro Nivel

Stupid, dumb.


Creator or composer of melody/music (Vico C uses this term in his song - El Bueno El Malo Y El Feo).


Literally "delighted, in ecstasy, here: high, in purple haze. (OG Black & Master Joe - Bien Arrebatao).

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