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Master Joe y OG Black

Master Joe y OG Black duet is also known in the reggaeton scene as "Los Francotiradores".

Master Joe

Joel Hernández Rodríguez, alias Master Joe, was born on the 21st of November 1974 in Puerto Rico, but grew up in the United States, in Brooklyn, NY. At the end of the 80's he became interested in rap and made multiple demo tapes. Later he moved back to Puerto Rico, where he met OG Black and Baby J.

OG Black

OG Black, actually Adolfo Ramírez Bruno, was born on the 14th of February 1976 in San Cristóbal, Santo Domingo. OG Black first started to record rap songs for fun when he was in high school. Rap was flourishing at that time; teenagers all over were composing songs that made fun of many things. Just like Master Joe, OG Black also went through some hard times and had to distribute demos to gain recognition.

Music debuts as duet

Baby J provided OG Black and Master Joe with an opportunity to take part in DJ Playero's production. As a result, they both got to work with him for two years. Playero introduced them to various musicians, including Mexicano and Ranking Stone.

After leaving DJ Playero, they started working with DJ Joe and formed "Escuadrón del Pánico" with him. This formation involved many other former singers of DJ Playero, thus declaring a war on him and his singers (including Mexicano, who used to be a friend of the duet).

Master Joe y OG Black and "Los Francotiradores"

In the year 2000 they named themselves "Los Francotiradores" and released an album under that name. This production involved such musicians as Las Guanábanas, Rey Pirin, Jenay, Gavilán, Voltio, Karel, Speedy, Yaga and DJ Joe and DJ Blasst. After this record, they abandoned DJ Joe and began working with DJ Blass.

The sequel of their first production: "Los Francotiradores 2", which involved the work of various musicians, appeared on the market in 2001, but resulted in a very moderate success.

OG Black finally decided to abandon Master Joe to have a possibility of realizing his own ideas.

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