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Reggaeton-ABC · G

Gangster ('Gangtel')

Gangster, Mafioso (Don Omar - Amor De Colegio).


Alcoholic drinks. A woman that likes to party (Daddy Yankee's Hit has this title - La Gasolina).


A boy/ a girl.

Girlas ('Guirlas')



From English G-String, thong.

Reggaeton - Graffiti


An art, involving prohibited painting and writing on municipal property. Paint from spray cans is sprayed on public walls, buildings, doors, trains and other means of transportation.

The content of this work is mostly critical of politics and society. Graffiti is usually signed by a particular author/sprayer. Along with Breakdance, Rap and DJ it forms the Hip Hop culture and appears to be part of the urban underground scene.


A still open love promise. A bill that has not been paid yet (Wibal & Alexen - Presion "te espero en la esquina del Seven Eleven, te voy a dar 24-07 te voy a poner el grillete").


Lie, false promise. Someone, who does a lot of talking instead of acting (Tego Calderon - Guasa Guasa "...Tu eres guasa guasa...").


Someone stuck up, who believes being someone he or she is really not. Sometimes also has the same meaning as ranquiao.


Attitude. To have a lot of self-esteem, to act self- confident and think one is the best.


To dance closely and rub against each other (Daddy Yankee with Nicky Jam - Guayando "guayando, sudando, perreando, bellaqueando...").


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