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Don Omar

His performance at Madison Square Garden in New York in 2004 made more than 15.000 teenagers vibrate. That night the whole Big Apple vibrated to the sounds of reggaeton. His first solo album "The last Don" turned Don Omar into one of the most outstanding Puerto Rican singers of the year. The song "Dale don Dale" broke all the sales records and remained at the top of Latino billboard charts for many weeks.

Behind the stage name Don Omar stands composer and singer William Omar Landrón, who was born on the 10th of February 1978 in Puerto Rico. He had success not only with "Dale Don Dale", which is considered to be one of the reggaeton hymns, but also with other songs, such as "Dile", "Pobre Diabla" and "Reggaeton Latino".

The debuts of Don Omar

He began writing his own songs and poems at the age of 12. As time went by, he became extremely interested in reggaeton. Before that, Don Omar was an evangelic priest.

Musical turning points in Don Omar's career

Don Omar's music career took a new turn in 2002: Héctor El Bambino (from Héctor y Tito) took him under his wing as a producer and a composer to take part in other artists' productions.


In 2005 Don Omar managed to produce an album with multiple singers, which he called "Los Bandoleros".

That year he got to work with other musicians, such as, for example, David Bisbal in "Como olvidar", with Aventura in "Ella y yo", with Jennifer López in "Hold you down" or with his accompanist Glory in "La traicionera".

Don Omar's music style

His music distinguishes itself through unusually rare use of repetitions which otherwise seems to be pretty common in reggaeton. Don Omar focuses more on talking about stories and events of the past and about today's world with its problems and feelings.

"King of Kings": Don Omar's last production

Don Omar's most recent production "King of Kings", which appeared in 2006, pays tribute to Jesus Christ. With this album he made it to the very top of US Hispanic charts as well as the most important Latin American show.

This album has become a number 1 bestseller and its single "Angelito Vuela" ranked pretty high in the "Latin Charts" of the Billboard magazine. It reached a spectacular number of half a million copies sold during the first day, which could be considered a real record in the reggaeton field.

Anyway, it is worth mentioning that despite Don Omar's success in professional filed, he got in trouble with the law for drug and firearms' possession.

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Joint projects
2005 "Como olvidar" - David Bisbal
2005 "Ella y yo" - Aventura
2005 "Hold you down" - Jennifer López
2005 "La traicionera" - Glory