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Figures of Perreo

We demonstrate here 3 dance figures or positions of perreo. Here is how you can get an idea of this unconventional dance fun.

 Dance Figure Number 1:

Dancing Perreo

This is the most common position of this dance. As one can see in the picture, it involves moving one's hips in circles while a man is behind a woman pressing himself lasciviously against her. This position depends on dancers' experience and skills.

Dance Figure Number 2:


Perreo Dance Figures

The second dance figure is for more advanced dancers. A woman has her leg around her partner's waist while he is pushing his leg between hers. This position demands a high degree of intimacy. It is not very uncommon to dance like that when dance partners do not know each very well...

Dance Figure Number 3:

Dancing Reggaeton

The third position presented here is somewhat similar to polonaise: a couple of people, best men and women alternately, dance perreo while pushing themselves against each other's hips from behind. The one at the front usually has the most freedom of movement and often bends so down that he or she

can touch the ground. This is the most favorite and most common perreo position.

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Small circle. A group of friends always hanging together. Gang, clique or crew, very common in the reggaeton scene.