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Influence of Reggeaton and Perreo on Youth

Youth dancing Perreo

Reggaeton and related to it music dance style perreo have such a great impact on youth, that one can hardly find a disco in Latin America that does not play reggaeton.

As a matter of fact, reggaeton music style and its dance perreo, are so popular among young people ranging from 12 to 22 years old, mainly because this music radiates an allurement to something forbidden and wicked.

The first attempts of approaching the opposite sex are usually dared at this age, that is when reggaeton dance perreo turns out to be especially helpful.

The youth is really thrilled by reggaeton, its rhythm stimulates them and gives them a feeling of freedom. Perreo allows them to explore their bodies and the lyrics are about sex and coolness.

Many young people imitate the style of reggaeton singers: guys come to the discos wearing loose, baggy pants and T-shirts, with tilted caps and long chains. Their favorite singers, such as Don Omar, Baby Rasta y Gringo, Cuban Link or Cheka and many others seem to be their role models.

Girls wear high-heeled shoes, mini skirts or tight pants and short belly T-shirts. They act like perreo dancers from music videos of Daddy Yankee, Héctor y Tito or Tego Calderón.

In most of the Latin American countries, where perreo is danced, young people have to hide their clothes (short skirts, tight pants, tops, etc.) in their backpacks and change secretly at a disco. They use this trick to mislead their parents, that do not approve of this provocatively erotic dance and would definitely not be very excited about seeing their kids dancing in this "shameless" outfits.

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Small circle. A group of friends always hanging together. Gang, clique or crew, very common in the reggaeton scene.