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Cuban Link

Cuban Link, also known as "Lyrical Assasin" and popular among his fans for his originality and the use of street-slang and multi-syllabic rhymes, began with Rap and Hip-Hop at the age of 15, although, at the beginning, it was very hard for him to gain recognition in this scene.

Cuban Link, whose real name is Felix Delgado, was born in 1974 in Havana, Cuba. In 1980, his family moved to the United States, more precisely to Bronx, New York where he, as a kid, was exposed to the influence of Hip-Hop-culture.

The beginning of career of Cuban Link

Cuban Link got his first chance to enter the music world when a friend of him from his neighborhood, Fat Joe, offered him to become a member of his band Terror Squad. At the beginning, it looked like Triple Seis and Big Punisher, who were Cuban Link's close friends, would also join the band, but Fat Joe decided to take just two of them: Cuban and Seis.

Together they formed a truly successful Hip-Hop-Trio and gained respect of great rappers like Nas, who worked with them on their songs as they got to know each other.

First success in music

Cuban Link had the first success with his joint projects, through which he gained many fans. He was first noticed in 1997 alongside his friend Pun following the success of the band "The Beatnuts" with the song "Off the Books".

Later he gained popularity with his songs "Glamour Life", which appeared in "Capital Punishment" production, “Bet Ya Man Can't” in Fat Joes "Don Cartagena" or "Tell me What You Want" in Terror Squad's album "Terror Squad".

His cruel texts, his bold street-language and his style got him a contract with Atlantic Records.

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2000 Flowers for the dead (single)
2005 Chain Reaction
Joint projects
1997 Off The Books - Pun&The Beanuts
1997 Capital Punishment
1998 Don Cartagena - Fat Joe
1999 Terror Squad