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Albizu & Lefty

This reggaeton duet was formed at the beginning of 2005. Albizu & Lefty were students at a well-known Imperial College Music academy in Condado, Puerto Rico. The music producers Samuel Beníquez and Samuel Ortiz have run this academy for ten years.

First steps in the music industry

Albizu & Lefty implemented their first project together with Don Omar in 2005. The duet's song "Tu cuerpo me provoca" was released in his album "Los Bandoleros".

During 2005 they gained popularity through various TV shows, media events and receptions. Finally, their first concert took place in September 2005.

Albizu & Lefty: new focus in the reggaeton-scene

This duet gives reggaeton a new direction through their charisma, talent and youth, and their unusual reggaeton style breathes new life into the scene. Albizu & Lefty duet was created with a goal of adding a new focus to the reggaeton music direction in order to be able to reach wider audience representing various age groups and, as a result, to make it more commercialized. With their positive attitude, energy, rhythm and dancing Albizu & Lefty together can manage to attract a variety of people of different origin and background.

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Albizu & Lefty - Reggaeton - singers

Tu cuerpo me provoca (single)
Joint project
2005 Los Bandoleros - Don Omar