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Calle 13

This rapper duet owes its name to a street where they grew up, "calle 13" or the 13th street. These two define themselves and their style as something fluent, something that has a different sound. Their music is a combination of reggaeton with other rhythms, like bachata.

Calle 13 is Eduardo and Rene. These two have found their niche in the music world, or in the reggaeton world, to be more precise, through the success of their song "¡Atrévete Te, Te!" in their first production of the "Calle 13" album in 2005.

Who stands behind Calle 13

Eduardo, also known as El Visitante, attended music academy since he was a kid. Later at the university he majored in information science and initiated various music projects, including "Campo Viejo" (roah-sha in Spanish) and "Bayanga" (mixture of Afro-Caribbean sounds) at the same time.

Rene, who is also known under the nickname El Residente, majored in graphic design and art at the academy of fine arts in Puerto Rico. He wrote and improvised rap-songs for several years. Then, one day he decided to present his work to White Lion Records, which turned out to be a success.

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Calle 13