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Getto y Gastam

The life of Getto

Getto was born in 1975 in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico. He grew up in a very active and competitive environment, because his parents were athletes and coaches. When he was just 9 years old, his family moved to New Jersey, USA, where he became interested in rap and reggae.

Getto took part in such productions as "Game Over" and "New Game" by Tempo and performed his own songs in "Buddha's Family" album together with Gastam.

The life of Gastam

Vicente Gaztambide, generally known under the name of Gastam, comes from Ponce and is 24 years old. He began singing in his school choir when he was only 8 years old.

One of his greatest motivations to become a singer was his father, who himself is a musician. He heard Spanish rap for the first time when he was 12 years old. Vico C and Rubén DJ soon became his role models and inspired him with their music.

He made his first breakthrough in this music genre through dancing. He created choreography and took part in talent shows with his own dance group. Despite being very successful, Gastam soon realized that dancing was not actually what he really wanted to do. He acquired further music knowledge and began to rap, while neglecting dancing.

He decided to improve his singing by performing at different parties as a rapper. In 1994 he met Tempo who introduced him to Buddha. Who, in turn, offered him an opportunity to participate in such productions as "Game Over", "New Game", "Buddha's Family" and " Tempo Exitos".

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Getto y Gastam - Reggaeton-singers

2002 Vida Eterna
Joint projects
1999 Game Over - Tempo
2000 New Game - Tempo
2002 Tempo Éxitos
2005 Buddha´s Family