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Don Dinero

Don Dinero, whose real name is José Manuel, was born and grew up in the streets of Washington Heights in New York, which gave him an opportunity to experience the origin of Hip-Hop culture. He sings in English as well as in Spanish and his music enriches the Hip-Hop genre with totally new sounds.

In 1990 comes Don Dinero's first Single "High Stepping", which was released under his former stage name of "Cuba Rock". This name is short for "Cuba Rock Ski", a pseudonym that he used as graffiti sprayer.

Trouble with the law

Following his success in Europe, Don Dinero decided to go back home and to start working on his first album. While recording this album, Dinero got in trouble with the law, which slightly slowed down his work on the music projects.

In 1996 Don Dinero was released on parole and started working as a car salesman.

In 1998 he met Cuban Link and they became close friends, which, of course, helped Don Dinero to make a few important connections.

In 1999, after the parole was over, Don Dinero together with his brother Óscar founded the record label "Last Laugh". That is how they became famous in Miami. Their first singles were “Don Dinero” and “Life Is a Battle”.

A singer with a great talent

Don Dinero's talent drew attention of a big record company, which discovered him at the right time and invested a lot in his promotion, in the production of his new album and in his first video.

In 2001 Don Dinero met Bruce McLean, who founded together with Dinero's brother Óscar the record label “Cuban Connection”.

Don Dinero changes his life

After losing a lot of money through the production of his video and related to it small advertising campaigns, Don Dinero has decided to change his life. He moved together with his whole family to Miami in 2002, in order to be close to his brother and began recording his Spanish album.

A little later Don Dinero began working together with a well-respected Latino artist Domingo Ramos (from Live at Jimmis) and they recorded a song “Pana, Pana”. From that point on, Don Dinero's career started to go up rapidly and he had great success with albums like "Que Bola" or his recent production "Ahora que si".

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