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Mey Vidal

Mey Vidal, La Cubanasa

This young singer and songwriter was born in Palma Soriano, near Santiago de Cuba. Many call her "Esa Cubana" (this Cuban), others know her as "La Cubanasa".

Her unique singing style and her Spanglish (a mix of Spanish and English) is what makes Mey Vidal one of the few successful women in reggaeton, a musical direction mostly dominated by men.

Music debuts of Mey Vidal

Her career as a singer began with her performances at weddings and other occasions as well as choirs, until she finally became a leading singer of the "Vine Street Rumba Band".

She took part in various contests, like for example American Idol (Fox), Star Search (CBS) and Gigantes Del Mañana (Univision). She even won some of them, like Sabado Gigante (Univision) or Fiesta Gigante (Telefutura).

During that time she was a TV presenter at Next Level TV and composed a theme tune there. That song "No Me Pares Ahora!" turned out to be her breakthrough and it still appears to be a big success.

She was one of the first women in reggaeton and was successful at reaching a bilingual audience. She got a name "La Cubanasa" due to her straightforwardness, her unique style and the fact that she was the first female Cuban in the reggaeton-dancehall scene.

Joint projects of Mey Vidal

Mey Vidal's music career is implemented through strategically advantageous joints projects. She works together with a large number of renowned singers and producers in reggaeton and dancehall-reggae scene.

Upcoming release of her first album

Her first album is about to be released. There one will find some innovative sounds such as drumming as well as the sounds of Jamaican dancehall, produced in cooperation with Steely and Clevie and further songs with Tanto Metro and Devonte. 

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American Idol (Fox)
Star Search (CBS)
Gigantes del Mañana (Univision)
Sábado Gigante (Univision)
Fiesta Gigante (Telefutura)
Next Level TV