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Ivy Queen

Ivy Queen, also known under the name of "La Caballota", and Mey Vidal were the first female artists in reggaeton scene, which is mostly dominated by male performers.

Ivy Queen: The "Reina del Reggaeton"

Ivy Queen, whose real name is Martha Ivelisse Pesante, was born on the 4th of March in 1972 in Puerto Rico. This singer and composer is well known for her expensive designer clothes and her spectacular long fingernails that characterize her outfit.

This artist is, however, not just the facade. Her musical talent has brought her not just the worldwide popularity, but also the name "Reina del Reggaeton", queen of reggaeton. Now radio stations all over the world are playing her Spanish Hip Hop and rap.

Music style of Ivy Queen

Ivy Queen's songs are well known for her deliberately female-friendly lyrics. Many of them describe social problems and the situation of women in Puerto Rico, with abuse of women being a very important issue. Her successful song "Tuya Soy" turned into a plea for more respect for the women in her country.

First music debuts of Ivy Queen
Ivy Queen was born in Añasco , her family, however, moved pretty soon to New York, USA. There she became involved in music: she wrote her own songs and participated in several music contests.
A couple of years later, Ivy Queen made up her mind to go back to Puerto Rico to make a real start in the music world. There she met DJ Negro, who took her in his project "The Noise". This was a very important step in her career, because her song "Somos raperos pero no delincuentes" (We are rappers, not criminals) from this rap sampler brought her first big success; it was a song that defended reggaeton.
This song and her participation in the "The Noise" turned out to be a starting point in Ivy Queen's individual career. It was perfect timing, since she became famous only then, when popularity of the only female rappers at that time Francheska and Lisa M began to go down.

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Ivy Queen - Reggaeton-singers

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1999 In the Zone - Single
1999 The Original Rude Girl
2003 Diva
2004 Diva Platinum Edition
2004 Real
2005 Flashback
2005 Flashback - Deluxe CD/DVD
2005 The best of Ivy Queen
2006 Sentimiento
Joint projects
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2001 DJ Nelson The Flow
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