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Jowell y Randy

Biography of Randy


Randy - Reggaeton-singers
Randy, whose real name is Randy A. Ortiz Acevedo , was born in 1983 in San Juan De Puerto Rico. Just like his partner Jowell, he has always been a big fan of rap & reggae. Randy is also a big fan of North American R&B music, which inspires him.



Randy's music debuts

Randy began performing as a singer many years ago, but did not have much luck as a soloist. In 1998 he worked together with many talented newcomers on DJ Dice's song for the "In the house" magazine CD.

He meets Jowell

In 2000 at a party, he met Jowell who offered Randy help with composing of his songs. He revealed absolute talent in Randy, but thought that his lyrics, however, could use some improvement. That is when Jowell's skills had to be deployed.

His first solo record

Jowell persuaded DJ Giann Live, who has been a DJ since 1996, to allow Randy to participate in the production, to which Jowell had already contributed his solo song. Therefore, Randy recorded his own song "Siéntelo Mujer" for the "Operación Sandunga" album. Thanks to his first production he appeared on a CD alongside such important musicians as Nicky Jam, Don Omar, Getto, Rey Pirin, Mackie and Yaga.

The initial plan was that Randy was supposed to take part in the promotion of the album, however, Edgardo Villanueva, the leading producer, was kidnapped and eventually murdered. This stroke of fate, which happened shortly before release, toppled the whole advertising strategy and caused eventual album's failure on the market.

Jowell & Randy: Randy's talent and Jowell's experience

This album was expected to make Randy popular, before he finally became a member of Jowell & Randy duet. It was a fusion of Randy's singing talent and composing talent of Jowell, who has been singing for 8 years already without being able to make a real breakthrough. Although, the CD did not break a sales record, they did have a few performances, in which they combined their voices.

Participation in production of "The Majestic" and other joint projects

Pretty soon they got an opportunity to work on "The Majestic", which allowed them to make their first video to "Todavía Recuerdo" song. This song turned out to be a hit and was played on the radio for months.

This breakthrough gave them an opportunity to record their songs for other albums. Among those were "Time To Kill vol.2", "Ground Zero", "Zona de Perreo", "Los Intocables" and "Kilates Vol.2" by Diamond Music.


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Jowell y Randy - Reggaeton-singers

Joint projects
In the House
2001 Operación Sandunga
Jowell & Randy
2002 The Majestic
2003 The Untouchables "Los Intocables"
2003 Kilates Vol 2