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Jowell y Randy

Biography of Jowell


Jowell - Reggaeton-singers

Joel A. Muñoz Martinez was born on the 3rd of March in 1982 in Springfield, Massachussetts, USA, and became interested in rap when he was just 7 years old.

In 1994 he won a song contest. That is when his great talent for singing and composing was revealed. He is still working as a composer.

Jowell's first attempts to gain recognition in the music world

In 1996 he made the first attempts to gain recognition and popularity in the world of rap & reggae. He got an opportunity to take part in the creation of "Los Fugitivos" album. That is when he met Alex Quiles that advised him to take part in various productions, such as "Los más buscados Live", "DJ Raymond y Gargolas vol.1". At that time he also worked together with such renowned DJs as DJ Dicky, DJ Black and DJ Flavor.

His first production: "The White"

It was only in 1997 that he got an opportunity to make his own first production with many singers, named "The White", which was produced by DJ Nelson's sister, Lissette Martínez. DJ Stefano, with whom Jowell sang his first duet: "Baby Killer", provided the rhythms for it.

Thanks to Jorge Guadalupe, known as Goguito Diririri, he had an opportunity to record his solo album in 1998 to be able to take part in the "Baby 69" production.

Meeting Randy in the year 2000

2000 Jowell took part in further productions like "Megatron Sex", "Reggaetonic" and "Rebeldia". In 2001 he already worked on such projects as "Slowmotion" and "Operación Sandunga". He met Randy while working on the latter. Jowell noted his singing style from the start, that is why Jowell began composing songs for his new companion to perform.

Pretty soon they got an opportunity to work with Diamond Music record company on their production of "The Majestic" with the song "Todavía Recuerdo". This one was supposed to become the most renowned record of Jowell y Randy, since it was recorded together with such an internationally known star as Johnny Perez. Maicol y Manuel, MC Ceja, Falo, Rey Pirin, Ivy Queen, and Tego Calderón also took part in this production.


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Jowell y Randy - Reggaeton-singers

Joint projects

Los Fugitivos

The White
1998 Baby 69

Gargolas Vol.1

1999 Reggue Style
2000 Megatron Sex
2000 Rebeldia
2001 Reggaetonic
2001 Slowmotion
2001 Operación Sandunga
Jowell & Randy
2002 The Majestic
2003 The Untouchables "Los Intocables"
2003 Kilates Vol 2