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Notty Play

Miguel Pabon, better known as Mr. Notty, comes from Carolina, Puerto Rico. He made a lot of friends there, including corillo of Mansion Crew or Los jinetes de la muerte. .

Beginning of career of Notty Play

His music career began with DJ Playero and his album "Playero vol. 38", through which he gained recognition with the success of "Uno pal notty y Uno pal show".

Participation in " The Noise"

At the beginning of his career, his songs were written in his original reggaemuffin style, which gave him an opportunity to sign several contracts with DJ Negro for such productions as "The Noise". He started there in "The noise 5" with a song "De los Bocones yo abuso", which turned out to be a huge success.

Later he also took part in "The noise Live" and in The Noise-Volumes 6, 7 and 8. At the same time, he recorded songs with corillo of Masion Crew.

During all these years, as Notty was getting more and more popular, his relationship to corrillo of La Industria was getting worse. This fact, however, did not damage his reputation, and even increased his popularity. He became really famous in all of Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Panama.

His first project: "Bando Korrupto"

His first success inspired him to do his first project, named "Bando Korrupto", which appeared on the market in the spring of 1998 and involved the work of many musicians, such as Ivy Queen, Duke, Miguel Play, Alberto Stylee, Daddy Yankee, Baby Rasta & Gringo, Rey Pirin, Nicky Jam, Memo & Vale, Baby Ranks, Rubio & Joel, La Familia, Cavaluchi and El Maestro, to name a few.

His project with Miguel Play: "Notty Play"

Later he participated in projects like CavaLuchi in Cavalogia. At the end of 1999 he planned to do several projects with Miguel Play that were realized thanks to the support of DJ Nelson. They began working together on the "NottyPlay" album.

Baby Rasta & Gringo added "Mi vida para tí" song of Notty and Miguel Play to their production "Romances del Ruido" in the summer of 1999.

Baby Rasta y Gringo continued to help Notty to promote his songs on the market by including further joint projects in their productions, such as those with Maicol and Manuel, CavaLuchi and others at the beginning of 2001.

Participation in further productions

The Noise 5,6,7,8 and Live I, Playero 38, Alberto Stylee: Exclusivo, The Flow, DJ Goldy 3, Dream Team, Las Guanabanas: Back to Reality, Maicol & Manuel: No Hay Ley, Boricua Guerrero EP, Cartel de Yankee, Tha crew 2, Rubio & Joel: Gritos de Guerra, Playero 41, Bando Korrupto, Romances del Ruido, NottyPlay: Juego Malcriado.

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Bando Korrupto
1999 Notty Play

Joint projects

1994 Playero Vol.38
1997 The Noise Vol.5, 6, 7, 8 y Live