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Zion y Lennox

Zion y Lennox were determined to become successful musicians since they were little. Their love of music soon turned into a serious passion that motivated them to start making reggaeton music together. They both soon started believing in the potential of this music style, which was not really popular at that time yet.

Zion's real name is Felix Ortiz and the name of his companion is Lennox Gabriel Pizarro. They were born in Carolina, Puerto Rico. They were neighbors as children and shared their enthusiasm for rap, Hip Hop and Dance Hall.

Music debuts of Zion y Lennox: joint projects

Zion y Lennox began their music career through participation in many renowned productions: "The Noise", "Los Matadores", "Godfather", "Desafio", "DJ Goldy", "Anqueira Innovando", "MVP", "Blin Blin Vol. 1" and "Mas Flow". Their single "Te Hago El Amor (Making Love to You)" produced by Gargolas Records was an absolute success not only in Puerto Rico, but also on the Latin music market of the USA.

They also worked on the albums of other top musicians, such as Los Cazadores, Barrio Fino, Voltaje and Los Anormales.

Their first album: "Motivando a la Yal"

In 2004 they released their first long album, "Motivando a la Yal", after many years of producing various successful songs. This album reveals the musical and lyrical talent of Zion y Lennox. This record combines traditional reggaeton sounds with other music styles like salsa, merengue and rock.

It also contains the tracks of such famous producers as Mr. Goldy, Notty, Lunytunes, DJ Blass, DJ Nelson, Sonic, Mercenario, Noriega, Monserrate, Bones, Urbe y Nelly or Eliel. Reggaeton stars Daddy Yankee, Yagga y Mackie, Angel Doze, Voltio and Tego Calderón also appeared in "Motivando a la Yal".

"Motivando a la Yal" had an enormous cultural impact and reached the large audience in the USA, Europe and Latin America.

In 2005 came the special edition of "Motivando a la Yal" album, produced by Sony BMG Music and White Lion.

Own reggaeton style

The repeated success of Zion y Lennox contributed to their enormous professional, personal and creative progress. Zion y Lennox are now on the global level of reggaeton and the demand of their fans is overwhelming. Their first production received numerous awards.

The music of Zion y Lennox distinguishes them from other performers mostly because it is not dominated by such themes as sex or party, that otherwise seem to be pretty common in reggaeton.

After sharing four years of reggaeton career, Zion y Lennox decided to go their separate ways. In the meantime, Zion is working on his solo career.

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Motivando a la Yal

Motivando a la Yal

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