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Alexis y Fido

Although relatively new in the reggaeton scene, Alexis y Fido, also known as the "Pitbulls", have made a name in sandunguero very fast mainly due to using funny word-play and striking ambiguities in their songs.

Alexis Ortiz and Joel Fido Martinez, Alex y Fido, met due to a great success of the song "El Tiburón" ("The Shark"), which appeared in the "Más Flow 2" album produced by Luny Tunes.

Success of "El Palo"

It was the song "El Palo" that brought them recognition in the reggaeton scene. This hit remained two months in the charts of Puerto Rico and was so popular that it was even expected to have as much success as "La Gasolina" of Daddy Yankee. Unfortunately, their budget was not large enough for an international market expansion.

The duet recorded more songs, such as "Tócale Bocina", "El Rolo" for the "La Misión 4" album and "Gata Michu Michu" for the bestseller of Héctor El Bambino Presenta Los Anormales.

Alexis y Fido as "The Pitbulls"

Shortly afterwards, they got their nickname “The Pitbulls”, mainly because Alexis often used the sound of dogs' barking in his music, an idea that he got from Yandel: once, as they were taking a walk with their kids, Alexis started to imitate barking of dogs. Yandel told him that he should integrate this sound in his music. From then on, he is known as "Alexis el Pitbull ladrando" (Alexis the barking Pitbull).

At the beginning of 2005, the duet recorded the song "El Tiburón" for the " Luny Tunes" album, which was nominated for the Latin Grammy awards and gained international recognition.

Alexis y Fido and their style

Alexis y Fido always paid great attention to the fact that sexual insinuations in their songs should only be clear to adults and they also avoided making sexist comments that could sound insulting to women. All of that as well as a great deal of humor is what makes up their style.

Fido as famous creator of soundtracks

Fido always had and still has a great talent for creating and mixing the sound. He was the one who created the incomparable rhythms in "En La Disco Bailoteo" and "Esta Noche Hay Pelea" of Wisin y Yandel. He also produced such songs as "Dale Caliente", "El Muro" and "No Me Dejes Solo" for the "Barrio Fino" album of Daddy Yankee, which received several platinum awards. Right now, however, he is not working in this field of music production.

The first production: "Pitbull"

Their first production "The Pitbulls" consists of a mixture of various rhythms as well as special joint projects with Tony Sunshine from Terror Squad, Baby Rasta, Hector El Father, Zion y Lenox, Trébol Clan und Baby Ranas. DJ´s Noriega, Nesty Echo and Luny Tunes also supported them.

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